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Tolland Lightning Lacrosse

The Tolland Lightning Lacrosse Program designed to introduce newer players in kindergarten through 2nd grade to the sport of lacrosse in a fun environment that focuses on the development of fundamental lacrosse skills and teamwork.  We use age appropriate drills and games in an effort to teach players how to scoop through and pick up ground balls, pass, catch and shoot.  As our players develop their skills, we scrimmage within our team and play friendly games with other Lightning Programs.

The season will begin in late March or early April, depending upon the weather, and will conclude in the middle of June.  The Lightning team will meet twice a week; one weeknight for practice and one weekend day for either a game or practice.  The team will likely play a total of 6-8 games over the course of the season.  There is some travel involved with the Lightning Program as we do play games with other Lightning Programs in our area.

Players will need sticks, helmets, gloves, elbow pads, shoulder pads and mouth guards.

For more information, to volunteer your time or if you have any questions, please email Tim George, Coach Tolland Lightning Lacrosse Program at: