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Tolland Lacrosse Club is a member club of USA Lacrosse. Our Girls’ teams are additionally members of Connecticut Valley Youth Lacrosse (CVYL). As such, our girls' programs follow the rules and development guidelines of USA Lacrosse and CVYL.



The primary season for lacrosse is in the spring and typically runs from late March or early April through June. In addition to the spring season, some summer and fall programs are also available.




Both experienced and new-to-lacrosse players are welcome at every age level of our Tolland Youth Lacrosse teams. Placement for Girls Lacrosse Teams is by grade.


Lightning - Grades K, 1 & 2

Bantam - Grades 3 & 4

Juniors - Grades 5 & 6

Seniors - Grades 7 & 8


Girls Lightning Lacrosse


The Tolland Lightning Lacrosse Program is designed to introduce newer players to the sport of lacrosse in a fun environment that focuses on the development of fundamental lacrosse skills and teamwork. The Lightning team will meet twice a week; one weeknight for practice and one weekend day for either a game or practice. We use age appropriate drills and games in an effort to teach players how to scoop through and pick up ground balls, pass, catch and shoot.  As our players develop their skills, we scrimmage within our team and play friendly games with other Lightning Programs. The team typically plays 6 to 8 games over the course of the season, depending on the number of other Girls Lightning programs.



Girls Bantam, Juniors & Seniors Lacrosse


Both experienced and new-to-lacrosse players are welcome on all teams.


Practices & Games: In the Spring season, Bantam, Junior and Senior teams typically practice 2 times per week, with one or two games per week. Girls Bantam, Junior and Senior teams are considered travel teams, with Bantam traveling somewhat less through Senior traveling somewhat more.


Tournaments and Jamborees: Depending on availability, our Girls Bantam, Junior and Seniors teams typically participate in one or two tournaments or jamborees each season. Some seasons teams are able to participate in multiple tournaments and jamborees.

Championship: Our Girls Senior team will participate in an end of season CVGYL championship when available.

Team Size: Teams may be limited in size so that everyone gets sufficient playing time and coaches can successfully manage practices. Additional teams at each level may be added if there are sufficient registrations and volunteers to coach.


Playing locations

Our teams practice and play home games on fields located in Tolland, CT. These fields are located at the Tolland public schools and the Tolland Recreation Center.



Our club fields players from Tolland, CT as well as from local area towns that do not have a youth lacrosse program.


Further Information

For further information or to volunteer your time, please contact the Tolland Lacrosse Club president shown on the Board of Directors tab.


No experience is necessary to join. Come play the fastest game on two feet!