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Sports Signup Play (SSU) App

This app is a team communication tool. It is fully integrated with our Tolland Lacrosse website. All team practices, games, and events are visbile on the app. There is also a team message section available for coaches and families.


How to start using the SSU App


  • Step 1 is Downloading the App on your mobile device

    • SSU is free and available for download form your Apple or android App Store. ​Search for Sports Signup Play and look for the above logo to locate it for download.

  • Step 2 is Creating your Account

    • Use the same email address from your Tolland Lacrosse parent account to log into the app.​ Select Next. Choose either Send Magic Link or I'd rather type my password. If you choose I'd rather type my password, you must use the password associated with your Tolland Lacrosse parent email account.




  • After you create an account, you're ready to find your team.
    • My Teams tabYou will be able to find your teams here during the season. Scroll right at the top and select Edit Teams to turn on (green) or off (white) teams.
    • Those who already had the app on their mobile device may have to log out (go to More and scroll to the bottom to find Log Out), and log in before seeing the newly added team under Edit Teams.



Features of the SSU App


  • Schedule tab
    • Linked to our website. All events scheduled on our website are shown here and will also be updated here when edited on the website.
    • Attendance: Each team event has an "ATTENDANCE" option. You may note your player's attendance here.


  • Messages tab
    • Allows for quick team communication. Both coaches and families may post in the message section.


  • More tab
    • Account management including Push Notification preferences.
      • Families who turn on SSU app notifications on their phone will get immediate notifications of messages.


  • Learn more
    • Sports Signup Play: LINK