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USA Lacrosse membership:

A USA Lacrosse membership that is valid for the length of the season is required for all players (Youth Membership) and coaches.

Youth Membership

USA Lacrosse youth membership currently costs $30 (ages 7 to 14) or $15 (ages 6 and under) and is valid for one year. The fee is collected separately through USA Lacrosse. You will be prompted to attain* or renew a USA Lacrosse membership during our registration, or you may attain membership prior to registration.

*To attain a USA Lacrosse youth membership for a child who does not already have one, you will first need to create an account with USA Lacrosse. It is recommended that this account be in the parent's name. You do NOT need to purchase your own adult membership. Once you have a USA Lacrosse account, you will select "ADD FAMILY MEMBER" to attain membership for your child.

USA Lacrosse membership provides many benefits including insurance for our players, coaches and the club. To learn more and begin the membership process you may visit the link below. If the link below is no longer valid, searching "USA Lacrosse membership" should get you there.


USA Lacrosse Membership LINK