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Coaches & Team Manager Instructions to Navigate Website, View Team Roster, Send Team Email

You must Sign In to access any of the functionality below. To Sign In:

  • Select "Sign In" in the upper right corner of the home page and use your email address and personal password.

  • If you’ve forgotten your personal password, type in your email address (the one we have in our database for you) and select "Reset Password”. The site will immediately send you an email which will allow you to reset your password.

View Rosters:

  • Go to Teams in the top menu bar >Choose a Team >your team.

  • Select “Roster” from the left menu.


Two Ways to Send a Team E‐mail:

1. Using Teams tab:

  • Navigate to your team’s roster by going to Teams in the top menu bar >Choose a Team> your team

  • Select Roster in the left menu.

  • On the right side of the team page, select Options> Email Team.

  • Fill out your “Reply To” email address, the subject line, the message, and select "Send" at the bottom.​​​


2. Using Admin (Allows you to preview your email and send a test email prior to sending to team.)

  • Go to top black bar and select Admin> Members> Email Members

  • You should see your team name (Example: Boys Bantam) under "Assigned to Teams> Spring 2021" on far right. Coaches with multiple teams, or those with additional Admin website rights will need to select the correct team.

  • Scroll to bottom. Select "Find Members".

  • Fill out your “Reply To” email address, the subject line, the message, and select "Send" at the bottom.

    • You may preview your email before sending by selecting "Preview" below the message box. You may also send yourself a test email by selecting "Send Test". This sends your email only to the email address in the "Reply To" field.

For more detailed instructions on the above, and more (including uploading documents in your emails):

  • Select “Admin” in the top bar and the Admin menu will appear. (Hover your mouse over or select any Admin Menu Category to reveal the options in that category.)

  • ​​​Go to Support>Coaches Help